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Hame Types

Pressed steel Draught Hames are made in a number of different styles. The photo below shows a set of Single-horse, long-topped Show hames with acorn knob-tops, and twisted link chain which fits snugly under the rim at the bottom of the collar. Ensure that the twisted links are laid flat prior to fitting the hames to the collar.  Please note the correct location of the hame strap when done up correctly; ie. a convex shape, not straight across.


In the photo below, another type of Draught Show Hames is pictured - again, for a Single-horse. These have hame strap lugs at the bottom instead of twisted link chain. The top hame strap is normally left done up and the hames are put on and removed via the bottom strap.


The photo pictured below shows yet another style of pressed steel hames, the ‘Orchard-style’ or – in this case – Brake Hames, again for a single-horse. Pair/Team Show Draught Hames have Pole-chain Dees added if required.

brake hames show

Delivery Hames: The hames pictured below are Delivery Hames, made from solid bar, with standard spurs, loose-ring draught (with the hame tugs – with box loops – sewn in), loose rein rings and a kidney link at the bottom. Often, these hames are made with hame strap lugs on both the bottom and the top.

delivery hames

Coach Hames: The hames in the photo below are Pair Coach Hames (Show, brass-plated, scroll-draught (with hame-tug clips) and with a kidney link at the bottom


Modified Dray Hames: The hames in the photos below are modified Dray Hames [with most of the tug chain removed], with the unique closed-hook/ring arrangement ready for attaching leather traces for show.

dray hamesdray hames

Close up of Hame Tugs with Box Loops

hame tug close up



The original purpose of a housen was to run the rain/drizzle off the horse’s neck when having to work in these conditions (it was laid down flatter for this purpose on the top of the collar). Nowadays, the purpose of a housen is purely for show, and one is often used to advertise a business or stud

mckeon housen
housen rear
Rear of a housen, showing the frills & housen strap.